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I had been struggling with lower back pain for a couple of months. I had massages, stretched, it hurt to get out of bed, taking anti inflammatory pills and nothing was helping. After the first week of starting this way of eating the back pain is gone!  

Margaret G, age 42

Are you ready for Freedom?

Freedom from that 4-letter word DIET? Freedom from cravings, LOW energy, and always feeling deprived?

Would you like to have HOPE again? Hope of losing weight again by way of an easy-to-follow lifestyle?

It may sound too good to be true, but it is not! You CAN by happy, healthy and have more energy and I can teach you! Let’s talk!

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“Thanks to you I am trying new foods and I am gonna start feeling better soon”

Edward, 42

I can tell following this program makes a difference...even with the cheats I have had this week, I feel like my body recovers much faster, I have so much more energy, and I continue to lose weight! I am down a total of 22 lbs since January and I look great in a bikini again! Katherine, age 29

I am less hungry, my cravings are gone, I am down 6.5 lbs in 6 days, I have WAY more energy and I am FAR less bloated. Jamie, age 38.

My name is Tracy Adams and I am so happy you are here!


Perhaps we don’t know each other well, so let me tell you a little bit about me. I am a 44-year-old former Speech-Language Pathologist turned Executive Pharmaceutical Representative. I broke free of those corporate handcuffs in May of 2016 to pursue my TRUE PASSION and create my family’s life-by-design. I established Daily Dose of Tracy and am an online health and fitness coach and network leader within Beachbody...


I really appreciate a truly personal connection with others, so let me tell you a bit about me and my busy, hectic, not-so-perfect nonetheless BLESSED life. My husband Tom and I live in Winter Garden, FL where we are raising our two amazing kiddos. Our son Brooks is 13 and loves football, football, mechanical things, and football. He is our “do-er”. Delaney is 11 and she loves hamsters, art, fantasy, and reading. She is our “dreamer”...

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Choose Your Path

As an online Health & Wellness Coach I run monthly online Accountability Groups to help people reach their health & wellness goals...

I absolutely love changing people’s lives. My Accountability Groups will not only change you physically, but emotionally and mentally, too. Are you ready to discover your best self? 


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I am dedicated to helping my Coaches build their lives on their terms... Side-by-side we are working towards ending the trend of obesity while helping people live healthy, fulfilling lives... We are a family spread out across the U.S.A. (and soon the U.K.!), supporting each other to reach our highest personal & financial potential while inspiring others to do the same!

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Tracy Adams


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