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June 7, 2015


Round 2 of the Ultimate Reset is IN THE BOOKS! 

Woo hoo!

First thing I have to say is--> I LOVE THIS WHOLE-FOOD BASED CLEANSE!!!!

I am not a "diet" girl. Oh, I used to be! I have done Body for Life, the Zone Diet, Atkins (for like a day and when I realized no fruits and vegetables=no poop, I aborted mission!), SouthBeach, Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal...and guess what?! I hated them! It was a completely unrealistic lifestyle for me! Was I successful? ONLY with Weight Watchers. I found that program to be beneficial because of the requirement to journal and write everything down. However, as I have gotten older my metabolism has slowed down and is less forgiving of dietary indiscretions that seem to creep up on me and become more and more common over the course of time. This has led me to clean eating - meaning eat REAL FOOD that is not in a convenience pack and loaded with words I can't pronounce, preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or soy products in them (to name just a few) - and watching my portions.

Despite my being VERY conscientious, I seem to put on 8-12 unwanted pounds every 1-2 years and quite frankly just don't have the patience for it to come off. Furthermore, I am a "rip off the band-aid" kind of girl. I LIKE going from 0-60 in a day- jumping into a program like the Ultimate Reset where you completely alter your eating habits overnight for a period of time long enough to re-establish good habits and break the bad ones that managed to wiggle their way back into your routine!

As I have previously mentioned (why we hit our "reset" button), I ORIGINALLY DECIDED to do the 21 Day Ultimate Reset again because I felt I needed to give my body time to HEAL. To reduce inflammation and do a cleanse at the cellular level allowing my body to utilize the healing powers of REAL FOOD and clean eating. Then we went to Napa Valley and upon return, losing some LBS was added to that list of "reasons" for doing it! LOL.

So, the first time I did this ultimate reset program I did not struggle AT ALL. I was 10000000% committed to seeing it through without blinking an eye! The second time, I must admit, was more challenging! I got tired of eating salad- and ESPECIALLY did not want salad on the weekends for some reason! And we were getting wine shipments from Napa only to take the bottles out of the box, look at it and place them on the wine rack.

I also am a lot busier than I was the first time I did it! My Beachbody business has GROWN and in addition to working a full-time job, I am being a coach as well as a leader for my team! So spending time in the kitchen really hit me hard.

HOWEVER, I LOVED how I felt during the three weeks and beyond and would absolutely do it all over again! I averaged 6 hours of sleep a night for the duration of the program and would wake up every morning and pop out of bed and get to work WITHOUT caffeine! That is IMPRESSIVE. I also felt like I was remembering EVERYTHING without writing stuff down! I became SO much more efficient with my jobs! I was super regular (sorry if that is TMI for you), my skin glowed, and my clothes started fitting again! I even pulled out the ol' skinny jeans again!

Shortly after I started this detox program that results in rapid weight loss (that stays off), I got a call from an acquaintance who was interested in the program. I sent him a link to MY upline coach's blog (since I am still getting started in the "blogging world") that really gives you the down-and-low on this ultimate reset program (you can check it out here)- knowing that if someone reads her blog and watches the videos and they still come back to me then they really know what they are getting themselves into! You see, I can tell you all of the amazing things about this ultimate reset program and get you all excited about it, but when it comes in the mail and the day comes for you to implement it- YOU are the one that has to get your grocery list together, go to the store, make the food, get yourself and your supplements organized, etc. I can coach you the fastest way to lose weight and answer questions, but that isn't going to cut it! You want different results, then you are going to have to do something different, BUT!!! It can still be OVERWHELMING! There are some people out there that simply are not cut out for the work required! Too many people nowadays want a QUICK FIX. They want the RESULTS, but they don't want to put the work in! I am sorry if that offends you- but it is true! I sold it to someone in my early days as a coach and they texted me NO LESS than 5 days a week saying "I am out and about working. What should I eat for lunch?". Ummm, hello!!!! The meal plan and recipes are in the book! What were DOING last night? Clearly not planning your next day... Needless to say, that was a stressful 21 days for both parties!!!

So this program is NOT for the lazy. It is NOT for someone who is going to BMW (bitch, moan and whine) about having to put the work in.

BUT! If you want to clear your body of toxins NATURALLY through the power of REAL FOOD and clean eating, to sleep better,to losing weight fast, to clear up your skin, to have more energy than you have in a LONG TIME without any type of stimulants, to know what it is like to eat fruit for breakfast and be satisfied for HOURS because your body is actually able to utilize the nutrients you feed it, to lose a substantial amount of weight AND inches in 21 days, and to break bad habits and gain some amazing ones...then you should give this program SERIOUS consideration!

I have a group that starts day 1 tomorrow. I cannot WAIT to see how they do and what their results are! It is SO EXCITING and REWARDING seeing people get excited about the results they see and feel with this program!

For more information about the Ultimate Reset click here!

If you would like to speak with me personally about this 21 day ultimate reset program please leave a comment below OR find me on FB.

Cheers to happy, healthy living!




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