Age is just a NUMBER, not an EXCUSE!

August 20, 2015


Age is just a NUMBER, not an EXCUSE! Check out Scarlett's story and you'll shout me an AMEN to that!


I am so proud of this gal right here!! So much so that I had to do a blog post about it! I just have too much to say to fit it into a FB post!

Meet Scarlett. I met her through our "Leads" program (every time someone makes a purchase from Beachbody and they do not already have a coach- they have the option of getting a free coach and Scarlett opted in!). After seeing the 21 Day Fix infomercials multiple times, Scarlett had finally decided to take a leap of faith and went ahead and ordered it!!

Let me tell you a little bit about Scarlett. I just love this gal! She lives in the Northeastern corner of WV and is married to Jack. She is the mom of three boys and has two beautiful grand-babies that she loves to spend time with! She also works part time as a media specialist in an elementary school. 


Well, a little over two years ago Scarlett became very ill from parvovirus B19. For those of you who are not familiar with the human parvovirus it is also referred to as Slap Cheek or 5th Disease; it is a viral infection that is common among school aged children. While this virus poses little threat to children, it can cause serious health complications for adults. Unfortunately, this was the case for Scarlett and it attacked her immune system which then attacked her vascular system! She was very ill, in quite a bit of pain and on a LOT of meds! Her return to wellness went on for 2 years!!!

Fast forward those two years and she has quite a story to tell! I don't want to steal her thunder, so I will let her tell her full story. However, the end of it is pretty amazing (yes, I am kinda reading the last chapter to you...sorry Scarlett!!!). Through this ordeal of illness, side effects from medications, swelling, not feeling well, being in pain...Scarlett had started to take matters into her own hands and was working with an herbalist to use herbs and foods to get her inflammation under control. This was just the beginning of her lesson on the healing powers of food! Again, I will let her share that part of her story with her own words.

In the spring of 2015 Scarlett then took that to a whole new level when she started the 21 Day Fix coupled with drinking Shakeology everyday. You see, the 21 Day Fix not only provides a 30 minute workout for every day of the week (maximizing muscle confusion with a variety of workouts), it also comes with a COMPLETE nutrition program. It teaches you how to portion out your foods with the correct amount of each food group based on your current weight and daily activity level while not making you feel like you are starving! It is so different than other programs out there (for example Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, etc) as it gets you back to eating REAL FOOD again! You are not going to find PROCESSED foods listed on this nutrition plan! Couple that with Shakeology and you just don't have the cravings you might have had with other programs since you are getting your essential vitamins and minerals from a whole-food source! 70 whole superfoods to be exact! (if you want more information on what exactly Shakeology is and does then click the orange Shakeology link at the top of this paragraph)

Scarlett took her participation in our Accountability groups VERY seriously and used the tips, recipes, daily accountability and encouragement to fuel her success. She participated daily, asked questions when she had them, and encouraged others, too! After her 4th round of the 21 Day Fix she was down 28 lbs and 19 inches! Did ya get that?! 28 lbs and 19 inches in 84 days at 54 years old!!! Furthermore, she takes measurements tomorrow for the results of her FIFTH round of the 21 Day Fix and I cannot wait to hear those numbers, as well!

One thing I noticed with this amazing woman very early on was her positive spirit, determination, commitment to doing something all the way, a willingness to step out of her comfort zone for the benefits of others and her true appreciation for the blessings in her life. After a month or so in our group I approached Scarlett and told her "You should be a coach. You already ARE a coach, you just don't see it yet!". We talked about it at length, she thought about it for a few days and then decided she was ready to pay it forward!!!! 

This is Scarlett's FIRST FULL MONTH as a coach and she has already inspired 5 other people to join her in taking their health and nutrition back into THEIR hands! I am so proud of this gal right here and BEYOND thrilled to have her on my team! I am always happy to get messages from her as she has such a bright light!

Cheers to many more people being inspired everyday to live healthier lifestyles! And cheers to Scarlett!




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