The Truth About Soy...and it ain't pretty!

August 24, 2015




Turnover your food today and look at the nutritional label. I'll bet you there is SOY listed on the ingredients. Why? Because it's put into almost ALL of our foods. It is CHEAP and used as filler and most often genetically modified.

When I say soy, what comes to mind for you? Edamame? Tofu? Soy milk? Well, it goes much deeper than that. Here is a not all-inclusive list of consumables that often contain soy:

  • bean sprouts

  • bread crumbs, cereals, crackers (ahem, Kashi uses GMO soy in their products. #dealbreaker)

  • breaded foods

  • Hydrolyzed plant protein (HPP), hydrolyzed soy protein (HSP) and hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)

  • Imitation dairy food

  • Infant formula, follow-up formula, nutrition supplements for toddlers and children

  • Meal replacements

  • Meat products with fillers, for example, burgers and prepared ground meat products

  • Mexican foods, for example, chili, taco fillings and tamales

  • Miso

  • Nutrition supplements

  • Sauces, for example, soy, shoyu, tamari, teriyaki, Worcestershire

  • Simulated fish and meat products, for example, surimi, imitation bacon bits, vegetarian burgers

  • Dressings, gravies, marinades

  • Frozen Desserts

  • Baked goods and baking mixes

  • Meat products with fillers, for example, pre-prepared hamburger patties, hotdogs, and cold cuts

  • Seafood -based products and fish

  • Seasoning and spices

  • Snack foods, for example, soy nuts

  • Soups, broths, soup mixes and stocks

YIKES, right?! On top of THAT, to learn about the process they use to extract the ingredients they WANT from the soybeans click here. Pretty freakin' messed up if you ask me. WHY do they put this in our food and then mis-advertise and imply that it is "healthy"? Oh, yeah. To make a profit.

Many people think soy is "healthy", but it's not. And ACTUALLY, too much soy can induce a goiter (enlarged thyroid) and other thyroid issues. Now, I realize that some people use soy as a protein substitute- whether they are vegan, vegetarian or they just like to mix it up. If you DO eat soy, please be wise in what products you choose to buy! I am putting a few pics below for your information/as a resource. Avoid hexane-extracted soy AND buy organic! Avoid the GMO's!

Quick guide for nutrition bars:



Quick guide for veggie burgers/meat alternatives:



Switching gears...but we'll bring it full circle, I promise. 


So, a topic near and dear to my heart is hypothyroidism. I have never had thyroid issues, but I know SO MANY WOMEN that do! And I always want to yell "DRINK SHAKEOLOGY!!!" I know many people who have overcome thyroid dysfunction and come off of their thyroid meds simply by drinking Shakeology. Seems crazy, right? Well, this blog post does a pretty good job of shedding some light on why that might be. If you are skeptical, read it!

Here are some facts about hypothyroidism: 

While there are several causes for hypothyroidism, it is estimated that nearly 90% is due to an autoimmune attack on the thyroid gland known as Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s diagnosis is on the rise and is considered the most prevalent autoimmune disorder in the U.S.. Scientists estimate that 7-8% of the U.S. population have antibodies against their thyroid, and these have been shown to be markers for future thyroid disease.

And guess what? Soy is directly linked to thyroid problems.


Here are some other serious side effects of too much soy consumption:

⚠ messed up menstrual cycles

⚠ kidney issues

⚠ harmful on the pancreas

⚠ fertility issues

⚠ men's libido

⚠ man boobs (no joke)

⚠ stops/prohibits proper absorption of minerals into the body

⚠ high risk of bladder cancer

⚠ increased breast cancer risk


So I'm not telling you to NEVER have soy. What I am saying is you should be aware of how much soy you are taking in. WHY? Because if you are unaware of how much soy is in your food already then you are likely consuming large amounts without even knowing it!!! Then, if you drink a shake or supplement that contains soy you will end up taking a step backward and hurting your health in the long run. Soy ingredients should ABSOLUTELY be a deal-breaker when considering a protein/nutrition shake! And of course, there is no soy in Shakeology!

Knowledge sure is power, my friends! Use it to your advantage!

Cheers to knowing what you are eating!





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