Shakeology vs ViSalus (AKA Body by Vi) Comparison

September 7, 2015

What's in YOUR shaker cup? Body by Vi or Visalus? Keep reading...



A part of me does not even want to publish this particular blog as there really is nothing good to say about ViSalus. Please just know that I did my research and I am sharing what I found. I believe that knowledge is power and when I have friends or future customers mention other products- I want to be knowledgeable on what they are talking about! Thus, the recent comparisons. I also did this for my team- so they can share this information, as well.


This product has so many glaring problems I honestly do not know where to start. It’s a sad state of affairs to know that our government would even allow such a product to be produced!!!  But then again, people still eat Spam and potted meat, which in comparison to ViSalus, Spam is better for you!


Disclaimer: I am sorry if you have been a victim of drinking ViSalus in the past- by no means am I “calling your baby ugly”! You likely had a friend who sold it OR a friend who lost 10 lbs drinking it- and who doesn’t want to try something they have seen help other people! I seriously doubt ANYONE who has been a ViSalus representative could have been into real nutrition, but more likely someone who knows a little bit about “cutting calories” to lose weight. NOT ONE PERSON who reads ingredients and takes the time to look this information up would drink this much less sell this to a friend! And I assure you- drinking this garbage does not “help” anyone! Your health STARTS with what you feed your body on a cellular level and if you are reading this article then you likely know better now! So keep reading!


Let’s start with a controversial food item with very mixed reports in the media. Soy! One day it’s good for you, the next day it’s bad for you.  I researched this one thoroughly because I want to be as accurate as possible (though someone will always find another report to the contrary which is why you should just get to know me so you know I am an individual of high integrity). I found a statement from Dr. Kaayla Daniel, who wrote the book The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food. 2005. Nothing has changed in the soy world since then other than an increased GMO production. She is still considered a reliable source on the subject.


Asia is a top consumer of soy and we always like to say, “Then why are the Asians so healthy with all the soy they eat?” I’m glad you asked. - Dr. Daniel states that the soybeans in Asia are not consumed in high quantities but are rather used “as condiments in the diet, not as staple foods. Soy foods like miso, natto, tempeh and tofu have long been consumed in traditional forms in Asia and are not along the same lines of products like soy milk, protein shakes, and diet protein bars which are all “a whole lot more hazardous than the old-fashioned soyfoods because of processing methods.”


Visalus tries to say that all of the studies against soy are based on RAW soy. Well, no. Raw soy in any form is hardly ever consumed by anyone. Yes, edamame is soybeans, but when you look at the amount of soy in our “foods” the amount of raw consumption IS small. So that’s a moot point.


Dr. Daniel also responds to say  “there are plenty of studies on the phytates, trypsin inhibitor and other problems involving cooked soybeans” and that the claim made about developing countries is “nonsense.” She added: “The problems occur whenever animals, including the human animal, over consume soy. And hardly anyone anywhere consumes raw soybeans.” On the assertion that Visalus has removed the isoflavones, Dr. Daniel asks, “Are they using solvent extraction? Because that’s the only way the isoflavones come out.” (I was not able to answer the question in my limited research so in all fairness I do not know if they use solvent extraction, however here is an article that explains how isoflavones are COMMONLY extracted. YIKES!)


On the subject of whether or not soy lowers cholesterol→ It is “mixed at best” because the scientific evidence is all over the board about it. Dr. Daniel says it is a known fact that soy raises homocysteine levels. Should you want to learn more about the true scientific research regarding soy, I suggest you read Dr. Daniel’s book mentioned above. The bottom line is, at best, soy protein is the cheapest form of protein powder additives and used for a filler. Furthermore, over 90% of soy grown within the U.S. is GMO. Food manufacturers are banking on every dime you’re wasting.


By simply reading what I stated above and knowing how much I love my Shakeology, it is probably obvious that there is no soy in Shakeology!

OK, let’s move from a long winded explanation to a really short one. ViSalus doesn’t even try to hide the fact that they use “artificial ingredients”. Our government regulators allow all kinds of damaging, toxic chemicals to fall under this non descript label. Folks, let’s just keep this simple→ go get your thesaurus or open up google - “Artificial” = Fake, unreal, hyped up, false, phony, simulated…. That should cover that. Now look up the word “Ingredient” and you will find = additive, innards, element, factor….  So no matter how you scramble one word from the top and one word from the bottom they all equal one summation - NOT GOOD FOR YOU! NOT real food! I am not trying to sound mean here- it just FRUSTRATES me that someone would want to sell this garbage to ANYONE under the guise or mislead beliefs of “helping them”! So please, take this all in!


Shakeology does not contain artificial flavors. NONE. As a matter of fact, when it first entered the market it came in Greenberry and Chocolate as they could not find a way to formulate the vanilla with all natural ingredients! So glad they eventually figured it out!

Maltodextrin. First of all, on its own it’s not nearly as sweet as sugar. In fact, it’s nearly flavorless on its own. So the supposed flavor enhancer falls flat to the pallet making me wonder what the point is in using it at all. It becomes sweet when mixed with other artificial ingredients. It’s derived from plants, but it’s highly processed. Generally, maltodextrin comes from corn, rice, or potato starch. It also can be made from wheat. The starches are cooked and then acids or enzymes are added to break it down further, before resulting in a white powder. It has a dramatic effect on blood sugar levels and causes increased sugar cravings. Stop the madness!!


Several studies have linked maltodextrin consumption to the suppression of “good bacteria” in the digestive system. This potentially puts people who consume a lot of the additive at risk for bacterial infections such as salmonella or E.coli.

How it affects your blood sugar:

Despite being only slightly sweet, if at all, maltodextrin is a carbohydrate. It will affect your blood sugar. This is an important thing for people with diabetes to remember.

However, some companies also make “resistant maltodextrin” by treating starch with heat, acid, or enzymes. Resistant maltodextrin functions as an isolated fiber and may help lower your blood sugar. ViSalus has both! What? Hoping you won’t read all the way down the label?

*Shakeology does not contain either of these ingredients. 

Sunflower Oil - Why on earth do we need oil in our shake? We DON’T!

Yuri Elkaim from US News And World Report Health says - Sunflower seed oil is commonly used in frying, fast-food prep and packaged and processed foods. It is so prevalent I can almost guarantee you that if a food comes in a package, you'll find sunflower seed oil in the ingredient list. And this is not a good thing.

Sunflower seed oil is very high in omega-6 fatty acids. In some cases, the omega-6 content is as high as 70 percent! If you are currently using sunflower seed oil in your diet, I urge you to stop. It is not good for you at all. It exacerbates the inflammation in your body and puts you at risk for disease. If you want to read more about this (I think it is so interesting and good to know!) then check out this article.

I will say, though you probably already guessed this, that Shakeology does NOT contain oils in it.

Sucralose. AKA Splenda. What is it? Sugar (sucrose) chemically combined with chlorine. It’s “made from sugar” label slogan is technically true, but quite misleading. It was discovered in 1976 by British scientists in search for new INSECTICIDES. It was approved in the US in 1998 and introduced in 1999. The molecule of Splenda is comprised of sucrose (sugar) – except that three of the hydroxyl groups in the molecule have been replaced by three chlorine atoms. This results in the bonds holding the carbon and chlorine atoms together being more characteristic of a chlorocarbon than a salt- and most pesticides are chlorocarbons. The Splenda proponents will argue that just because something contains chlorine doesn’t guarantee that it is toxic. That is true, but long-term studies have not been done so we are all basically a “Splenda experiment.” If you want to know more about Splenda click here.

Bottom line on Splenda in ViSalus? No health-promoting shake should contain artificial sweeteners.


Stevia is ONE of the sweetening agents in Shakeology which is a leaf/plant extract when manufactured properly. Non-GMO beets are another sweetening source in Shakeology.

Should you wish to see an ingredient comparison chart, please n ingredient comparison chart, please click here.


So there ya have it. If you were looking for a comparison between ViSalus and Shakeology, or a reason to try Shakeology- which is obviously more pricier than ViSalus- I hope you are seeing why at the very LEAST, do not drink this V-juice! Shakeology is comprised of 70 whole superfoods! Truly! When you look at the list of ingredients, the quality of the ingredients and how convenient it is IN ADDITION to the fact that it is clinically proven to lower cholesterol, promote weight loss and reduce Hba1C (a marker for testing blood sugar)- you really do get quite the bang for your buck! I just love this video of Tony Horton as the check-out clerk in a grocery store! He is such a cheesy goof-ball, but at least he owns it! HA!


Please reach out to me if you would like to try Shakeology. They sell a Super Sampler pack which contains 6 packets- one of each flavor- and I also sell taster packs that I would be happy to mail to you! I love hearing how much better people feel after they have been drinking it for a week and I hope you choose to experience that, as well! You are WORTH IT!

You can find me on FB or drop me an email at!


Cheers to happy, healthy living!


 *this blog represents my personal research and not that of Beachbody Corporation; if you disagree, that is your right however, please keep negative comments to yourself as any anger over written facts about harmful ingredients is simply a sign of denial

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