Shakeology Vs. Juice Plus- How Do They Compare?

November 6, 2015


As a health and nutrition coach, I am often asked about the difference between Shakeology and other products on the market. It can be a current or future customer or it could be one of my coaches I am mentoring that asks me. So I have taken on the task of writing a blog post about each one. None of the comparisons are all-inclusive, but it gives some credence to stating "No product on the market compares to Shakeology." as that just sounds crazy to someone who has not taken the time to really do their own research! BY NO MEANS is that last statement a dig- there was a time in my life that I drank Advocare because one of my besties was a distributor and gave it to me at cost. Knowing what I know now, I would opt for NO shake before drinking Advocare today! That is because I have made it my mission to stay informed about the ingredients that are in what I eat and what I feed my family as well as share it with those who care to read it. Here is a link to a side by side ingredient comparison of Shakeology and Juice Plus Complete's shake. Click Here.


So now I will get to the point:

The number one most glaring issue with this shake mix is the soy. It is ingredient number one and number two, my friends! Other than the simple fact that it’s pretty common knowledge that soy is a cheap filler, I have written a blog about the health risks associated with soy. You can find it in my blog.


Shakeology does not contain soy.


Another ingredient known to cause a digestive upset is carrageenan. In its original state it comes from seaweed. Once processed in a lab as an anti-caking agent, carrageenan becomes an irritant to the stomach and bowels. It can coat the lining of the intestines and hinder the absorption of vital nutrients. Google it if you are curious. This ingredient comes with risk. Why would anyone want to consume this? Although it is sometimes difficult to avoid, I am certainly NOT going to purchase a supplement to my diet that contains this ingredient! And I have to admit- I am scratching my head wondering why a company that promotes health and wellness would include this ingredient in one of their products! SMH...


Sunflower oil is an unnecessary ingredient that can cause inflammation in the arteries and throughout the body, as any oil can. Putting oil in a powder mix serves no nutritional purpose and is nothing more than empty calories. (I personally don't do empty calories unless it is in the form of WINE) From US News and World Report Health: Sunflower seed oil is very high in omega-6 fatty acids. In some cases, the omega-6 content is as high as 70 percent! If you are currently using sunflower seed oil in your diet, I urge you to stop. It is not good for you at all. It exacerbates the inflammation in your body and puts you at risk for disease.  The latest estimates show most people have an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 10 to 1! (The omega 6/omega 3 ratio should be LOW- 1:1 would likely be difficult to achieve and require extreme diligence, but that would be IDEAL. Click here if you are at all curious about this and how it can benefit your health- it is just a one paragraph article) This high omega 6/3 ratio is very problematic because of high levels of omega-6 increase the inflammation inside your body. This is very bad for your health. Inflammation is correlated with heart disease, cancer and every disease in between! This is why it is so important to minimize the amount of omega-6 you consume in your diet.


As you can see, while Juice+ Plus might not be the worst offender in the diet aid world, it is certainly not comparable in dense nutrition to Shakeology. Shakeology is made out of 70 different highly effective and healthy ingredients. 70 superfoods that when consumed in this delicious medium, its health benefits are greater than the sum of its parts!

Shakeology: when you need something more than coffee, but less than crack...that acts like a salad but tastes like cake. Lifesaver. Game changer. Healthy, too! #addicted

If you want more information about Shakeology or want to chat with me about YOUR nutrition and how you can improve it, Contact Me or find me on Facebook!


Cheers, to happy healthy living and fueling your body with real nutrition!







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