Nutritional Purists and Shakeology

December 16, 2015


Can you EVER say the word "Lightbulb" anymore without hearing Gru from Despicable Me saying it in his accented voice? I even SAY it like him now! HA! I love those movies...

But that is not what I want to talk about today. I have a story I want to share…

So I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with a gal the other day who is 55 years old and at her wits end to GET THE WEIGHT OFF. I REALLY enjoyed chatting with her! She is TOTALLY into eating clean, eating real food- even superfoods- so we were two nutrition geeks chattering away!

But of course- I have a story that I want to tell...

About a year ago she and I had chatted while I was working as a vendor at our school PTO 5K. I had set up a table in an effort to get my name and my business out there in my community. She shared with me that she was trying so hard to lose weight and was very frustrated! She has always been very active and athletic (she was even a competitive gymnast!) It seemed that age as well as some medical issues were really getting in her way! So naturally I was telling her about Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix, but she told me she wasn't going to do anything like that at that time as she was cutting out sugar. And that was pretty much the end of our conversation. I did not take offense or anything, but I did sit there scratching my head. Shakeology has 6 g of sugar in one serving and it is natural sugar from real food… However, chasing someone down and arguing is never effective, right? I guess this is where patience, faith and believing in yourself and your cause comes in...

Fast forward a year and she called me the other day and said “Okay Tracy, I am ready for us to talk. I saw your picture of the gal that is 54 y/o and lost all that weight. HOW did she do that?”. So she came over later and we sat down and I went over the 21 Day Fix with her.

Of course we were a bit all over the map and when her Hashimoto’s thyroiditis came up I told her that Shakeology would VERY likely help with her thyroid function. Did you know that the National Institute of Health (NIH) states that the majority of thyroid impairments are associated with co-existing deficiencies of iodine and selenium?! Yup! It’s the truth! Shakeology helps replenish your body’s supply of both iodine and selenium! It also contains zinc and iron, which the NIH indicates that these two ingredients help maintain proper function of your thyroid, as well!

Another issue she mentioned was her blood sugar levels. Well, guess what? Shakeology is CLINICALLY PROVEN to lower cholesterol, promote weight loss, and reduce Hba1C (hemoglobin A1C which is the most accurate test of one’s blood sugar levels!)! She was quite surprised by this- and why WOULDN’T she be? Any true “nutrition purist” would be skeptical about ANY shake on the market! There are so many weight loss and “health shake”/supplements out there and the vast majority of them contain complete GARBAGE in them! Soy, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, oils, etc. Not to mention, when people hear about a “shake” they immediately think “Weight Loss” and “Protein Shake”. That is such a GROSS underestimation of this amazing little dose of dense nutrition. But a fair assumption!

So we pulled up the labels of a couple of Shakeology flavors/formulations (especially a vegan one as she is interested in staying away from dairy to help reduce inflammation) and started breaking it down.

Sachi Inchi









Yacon Root

The list goes ON! And guess what? The list is just a bunch of superfoods, digestive enzymes and pre & probiotics! NOTHING artificial. NOTHING!!! It truly is a DAILY DOSE of DENSE SUPERFOOD NUTRITION! When you fuel your body with this kind of nutrition- essential vitamins & minerals equivalent to FIVE plates of salad—> GOOD THINGS HAPPEN. Inflammation goes down. Blood sugar stabilizes. Bad cholesterol goes down and good cholesterol goes up. Cravings go away (because you are feeding your body the nutrients it needs!). And guess what? Weight loss just happens to be a by-product of this amazing improvement in your nutrition. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

But this was MY favorite part of the story. She was taking off to run some errands before heading home, so I offered to make her a shake before she left. When she took her first sip of the vegan chocolate her eyes got wide and she said “WOW! It is DELICIOUS!”. My heart smiled. I know. Tastes like cake, but acts like a salad, right?

I am SO EXCITED for this gal to participate in my next nutrition and fitness support and accountability group! We started on Friday and this one is going to be amazing! Due to the holidays we are only going for 14 days- but you can do a lot of good or a WHOLE lot of bad in 14 days! We are focusing on eating right at every possibly opportunity, enjoying the festivities when they come up and getting right back on track the next day. And because we are all so busy right now I am giving everyone a meal plan for EVERY SINGLE DAY of the group with a grocery list included! Jeez! It doesn’t get any better than that! I can’t wait for the first text I get from my friend telling me her clothes are fitting better or that she feels lighter on her feet!

You are too late for this group, but I am always planning the next one so reach out to me if you are ready to COMMIT to a healthier lifestyle- one meal at a time!

Cheers to beating disease and losing stubborn weight that won’t come off by fueling with real food- starting with your Daily Dose of Dense Superfood Nutrition!





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