How is Shakeology different in ingredients and quality?

June 4, 2016



Darin Olien is the co-creator of Shakeology. He was recently interviewed about the ingredients in Shakeology as well as its health benefits. One specific question was, "How is Shakeology different in ingredients and quality than other

Here is a summary of Darin's response: 

“We invest time, money and resources to make sure that what’s in the bag, is supposed to be there. And the first thing we do is hire people in THIS area (The US) who adhere to the highest quality standards. We’re known for having the standard of hiring the best” 

Shakeology was created by multiple nutritionists with high standards of what nutrition is. This industry is like the Wild West. Many companies do not re-invest and they do no continue to push that envelope of quality. Other common brands and companies don’t send their own team around the world to find the best of the best in terms of farming, harvesting and processing. Most of these company's facilities are out of this country and the people in charge are not traveling there to conduct their own inspections. The steps from farm to factory to your cupboard are untested and un-regulated by these overseas factories. The US based companies are not bringing the product back here for inspection prior to sale. 


The makers of Shakeology audit the facility and the material as the factory receives it as well as monitoring the process as it’s being done. After it passes our inspections overseas it is then sent to the US where it is tested AGAIN. (Heavy metals testing is just one of the elements we look for). The final blending at the co-packer is inspected again. Darin states that the industry out there is really just dangerous and irresponsible in how it lacks in testing.

Other shakes contain unfamiliar, out of place, inadequate ingredients. Shakeology has multiple ingredients, delivered in a pure and clean way from multiple countries. Shakeology ingredients are constantly tested for foreign materials and heavy metals from those specific areas of the world. Once tested, all ingredients are carefully mixed to make sure they blend well and create a truly nutritional shake. 


Every ingredient has it’s own story. The makers of Shakeology have developed close relationships with the manufacturers in the ingredient's specific country to learn about what should and shouldn’t be in our formula. There is a reciprocal relationship of pure transparency between the makers and the manufacturers. More people have FAILED Darin’s team audits than those that have been accepted.


How often are suppliers audited? “It’s an ongoing thing. It’s not about just finding out what’s wrong with them, but it’s also helping them improve their process, bringing in our resources, to then better support them doing the thing they want to do anyway” -


Why are ingredients sometimes REMOVED from Shakeology? 


One way is that we outgrow the supply and it becomes harder to come by. The other is that partnerships can dissolve because the manufacturers cannot meet the company standards for Shakeology.



Can you say what Shakeology is in ONE sentence? (Asked to Darin)


"No. But I'll try. A protein shake is one macro-nutrient with some artificial colors and sweeteners, and whatever else they’re putting in there. Then you have Shakeology which has all the macro-nutrients like protein, but you’re also getting an infinite amount of micro-nutrients that are providing the basis for health. Basically protein shakes are only one macro-nutrient and Shakeology is multi dimensional and feeds your body on a cellular level. Each superfood in Shakeology from around the world has hundred of compounds and co-factors - Digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, anti oxidants, phytonutrients, carotenoids, inherent vitamins and minerals. Health can never be achieved by macro nutrients alone." says Darin.


Darin is nick named “The ingredient hunter” and with good reason!

Cheers to Happy and Healthy Living!




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